Tips To Buying A Quality Wristwatch

Wherever you start in your watch search, you will, at some point or other, meet the Confusion Dilemma.

...This aptly named dilemma is the encountered barrier where the research, and glitzy pictures, simply merge into one incomprehensible pool of metal. We’re exaggerating, but buying a quality wristwatch can be overwhelming - so the Watch Direct team have put together their top four tips to make buying a quality wristwatch straightforward and simple.


Find a watch that suits your lifestyle

In the least existential way you can - ask yourself: Who am I?

Are you a cyclist, or a runner? Do you prefer playing golf every afternoon or floating six feet underwater? Do you travel often? Do you spend late nights at the office, or on your own e-Commerce venture? Are you fashion-forward, or do you keep a simple slack and shirt combo on rotation?

These questions will form the basis of your watch category - of which there are many - to help you narrow it down to the firm favourites. From field, dive, aviator, GMT, driving, dress or banger - quality watches are often categorised by feature, style, and purpose characteristics, and some of these will be better suited to your lifestyle than others.

For example, if you’re after a simple fashion accessory - you can go with the Anne Klein or Bulova. If you’re after a status symbol, then the Rolex or Omega are the way forward. If it’s designed to tell the world who you are - a Raymond Weil or Longines could be perfect. If you’re sporty, the Tag Heuer. If you’re all work, no play - and just need durability - try the Tissot.

Answering who you are will help you to laser-focus in on the brands and styles that will meet your needs.

Your watch seller should be an aficionado

In short, they should live and breathe watches. This can be an individual, or a company that you’re exploring for your next ticker. They might be an online wholesaler (like us), or a shopfront, or even a specialist individual broker - but either way, they should know everything there is to know about watches, and should sport their own range regularly to understand how their watches wear, how they feel, and what kind of maintenance they’d need to work efficiently.

Here at Watch Direct, we dream about watches, and wear the watches we stock repetitively. As lovers of great quality watches, we enjoy meeting other like-minded people and love to answer questions about how they wear, how they function and where they are best worn (work, sport, diving, nights out…).

In fact, if you have any specific questions of our range, why don’t you shoot us an email, or a DM via our Instagram or Facebook page? We’re more than happy to find the time.

Make sure you have buyer protection

Warranty, warranty, warranty.

It’s not a sexy word, by any means - but it’s crucial, because any good business owner worth their salt knows that ensuring the quality and workmanship of their goods is equally paramount to the level of customer satisfaction reciprocated back.Look for watch sellers who offer warranties on their product, particularly against defects - because this gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the business has a vested interest in making sure you get exactly what you’ve paid for: a good quality, authentic wristwatch that you can cherish for life, with good care.

Your watch should have all serial numbers intact, come with all original parts, and be covered under a years’ warranty that services any symptoms of abnormally gaining time, losing time - or not keeping proper time, as well as any other general defects. A warranty like Watch Direct’s covers all of this, with 2 years on some of our watches.

Check reviews, too. The experience of previous buyers is a great indication of the level of quality and customer service you can expect from your seller, and this can be done with a fast Google search, or a scroll through their social media sites. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to buying a quality wristwatch that will not only stand the test of time, but serve as a powerful reflection of the mark you want to make in the world.




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