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Timex Watches

Uniquely, Timex is a watchmaking company who has managed to stay ahead of style whilst retaining its reputation for creating quality yet affordable timepieces. The brand can trace its roots right back to Waterbury Clock Company founded in 1854, which competed in the European market for the most afforded timepieces. A partnership between the company and Ingersoll Watch Company was forged when Robert Ingersoll and his brother produced a pocket watch called Yankee in 1896. It became known as the watch that made the dollar famous. Timex, under this name, experienced its first taste of success. The birth of the wristwatch saved Timex during the early 1900s when the need for a wrist-worn military timekeeping tool was made abundantly clear. Waterbury was one of the first companies to supply one. Soon after, Waterbury and Ingersoll signed a deal with Disney and changed its name to the United States Time Corporation during the 1940s before Timex began producing wristwatches under its own label, namely those for nurses during the Second World War. Clever manufacturing techniques led to Timex’s position in the industry as one of the cheapest watch brands on the market during this time, and by the 1960s it was said that one in every three wristwatches sold was a Timex. The watches were put under stringent quality tests known as “torture tests” to prove their robustness and resilience.

When cheaper mechanical watches arrived on the market during the 1960s, followed by quartz-powered movements, Timex was forced to downsize both its manufacturing facilities and its team of craftsmen and designers. Luckily, by the 1980s an opportunity arose for Timex – a collaboration with the Iron man Triathlon. The Indiglo watch was born, featuring an innovative back-light that would enhance legibility for easy timekeeping whilst worn in tough conditions. This feature was noted to have assisted an office worker in saving some of his work colleagues during the tragic 1994 World Trade Centre bombings. In addition to focussing its efforts on technologies such as GPS devices and heart rate monitors, the company relocated its headquarters and managed several smaller businesses under its umbrella such as Nautica, GUESS, Gc, Versace, Versus and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Today many Timex watches are based on the history of the brand and the features that have proven successful throughout the company’s heritage. Some of the manufacturer’s biggest successes have been based on quartz and digital watches, however, the current collection is also home to many reliable mechanical timepieces. Some models stand out in Timex’s catalogue as icons of their time. The Q Time watch is an example of such. The first design was released in the 1970s when the quartz watch was a new concept. In an ode to the popularity of the piece, the brand released a new iteration of the Q Timex model in 2019. The M79 watch by Timex echoed the aesthetics of the Q Timex watch and featured an angular case and a bracelet crafted from woven stainless steel. This model, however, showcased the performance of an automatic movement through its exhibition caseback. Newer versions of the model demonstrated how Timex has remained at the forefront of watch styles and trends, enlarging the case size of the M79 watch from 38mm to a beefier and more modern 40mm case.

In addition to these popular models, reinvented and redesigned for the modern wrist, the current Timex catalogue also comprises several renowned collections like the Expedition, Weekender and Ironman series.

Timex Expedition watches

Some of the key features of the Expedition watch collection by Timex include the weather-resistant and impact resistant qualities of each model. These rugged tools are engineered to face harsh external conditions. Outdoor watches like the Timex Expedition are ideal for outdoor goers, especially skiers, mountain climbers, hikers and explorers. Despite having been developed from robust, weather-hardy materials for a tough external construction, they remain incredibly stylish, making them some of the most popular timepieces from the entire Timex catalogue. Timex Expedition watches come in different case sizes and offer different features, different styles and a choice between analogue and digital form. Just some of the many features integrated into watches from the Timex Expedition collection include chronographs for effortless measuring of elapsed time, luminescent hands and hour markers for reading the time effectively in low-light conditions and date functions, enabling them to be easily worn as everyday companions, as well as for outdoor challenges. The general design of a Timex Expedition watch is big and bold, making this style of watch ideal for those with broad wrists who can carry off a larger, bulkier-looking case. Many of the models from the range have been crafted from hardened engineered resin or stainless steel – the latter material of which is chosen particularly for its anti-corrosive properties. Since Timex is renowned for creating both affordable and robust timekeeping tools, great focus has been dedicated to creating a strong and sturdy design, and part of this process includes equipping an Expedition watch with a firm, weather-resistant and equally durable strap. Many bands fitted to these outdoor-friendly wristwatches are made from rubber, leather or fabric.

Timex Ironman watches

Timex’s premier digital sports watch collection is known as the Ironman range. It is home to wristwatches that, similar to the Expedition watch series, are known for their robustness, but the collection is also sought-after for its varied range of high-tech features, including their GPS technology and touch screen functionality. In addition to their robustness, Timex Ironman watches are also reliable and designed ergonomically to fit comfortably to the wrist. They also offer an impressive water-resistant capability making them ideal companions for underwater exploration and partaking in water sport activities. For those who like a more classic look, Timex Ironman watches are typically fitted with rubber straps in dark, sophisticated colours. These pair easily with all attire, including an office suit or a business wardrobe. For those who like to stand out from the crowd, Timex Ironman watches are also available on brightly coloured, neon rubber straps that give the watch a somewhat sportier look on the wrist.

Timex Weekender watches

Weekender watches from Timex are considered by the brand and its loyal collectors as versatile leisure watches. The range is renowned for its broad selection of different styles to accommodate all tastes and preferences. One of the characteristics of the Weekender watch is its slip through lugs, which enable the wearer to switch the brand’s NATO straps over and transform the look of the watch depending on the occasion. Arabic numerals dressed against classic white and black dials lend the Weekender watch a legible and practical design for wearing both during the day and for attending more sophisticated events during the evening. If NATO straps are not the preferred choice, Timex offers an appealing selection of dyed leather straps as well as the block colour or striped nylon straps. Some Timex Weekender watches feature an additional 24-hour inner track centred around the hands, boasting a palatable, simple dial layout for straightforward timekeeping. For this reason, these are often the choice of watch for dress watch collectors and loyal fans of Timex’s three-handed models.

Timex Allied watches

The Allied watch collection by Timex is home to noticeably more robust, masculine-styled watches compared to the likes of the Weekender models and some of the brand’s refined dress watch styles. Instead, the Allied watch collection combines cutting edge technology like Timex’s ‘Intelligent quartz’ (which grants the wearer affordable access to a set of advanced features) with reliable materials and an accurate analogue display. Geared towards tech-savvy collectors, the Timex Allied watch is a perfect balance of classic and modern. GMT models feature within this range, ideal for avid travellers or those needing to frequently switch between time zones for business.

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