The history of the G-Shock watch

When Casio created its G-Shock line of watches, there were very few shock-resistant watches on the market, and none capable of withstanding knocks, bumps and impact to the same extent. G-Shock watches are developed mainly for outdoor use. The concept of the Casio G-Shock watch was born of a vision shared by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe, who defied the laws of nature when he created the very first model. Daring explorers, mountain climbers, trekkers, sportsmen and adventurer-seekers have been relying on the accuracy and robustness of a G-Shock watch ever since the first innovative design was developed, based on the triple 10 concept. Each wristwatch needed to survive a 10-meter fall onto a hard surface, house a 10-year battery inside its rugged case and promise a 10-bar water resistance. To ensure Casio was creating a groundbreaking wristwatch that guaranteed these qualities, a total of 200 prototypes were tested beyond endurance. These stringent tests were carried out by a group of experts named the Tough Team.

Dropped from rooftops and three-story building windows, G-Shock watches were able to withstand these tough conditions to an extent but there still appeared a degree of room for improvement. Ibe noticed how a rubber ball could sustain a high level of shock and impact and began adapting this concept to the first G-Shock model called the DW-5000C. It featured an outer protective surface developed from urethane rubber and layers of special shock-resistant protection. Hardened mineral glass and a tough stainless steel caseback also ensured a stable environment for a reliable quartz movement to perform inside. With a urethane foam cradle is where the quartz movement would “float”, and in addition to this, the model featured a robust strap that could support the watch during falls and bumps sustained during exploration.




Why are G-Shock watches so popular?

The first G-Shock watch made its debut in 1983 and since then the collection has been evolving and growing. Some of the most modern iterations feature atomic clock synchronization and innovative solar technology that enables the watch to run on solar power even when only exposed to natural daylight for a short period of time. Whether digital or analogue, these wristwatches are developed from materials like stainless steel, carbon and titanium to ensure a durable, strong and long-lasting quality on the wrist. The name G-Shock is an abbreviation for Gravitational Shock which has now become a byword for pushing boundaries and re-shaping the course of watchmaking. Casio’s military and outdoor-orientated wristwatch not only performs better than some watches within the luxury sector when subject to extreme conditions, but it also looks different on the wrist. Many G-Shock watches are black coated, culminating a modern and dynamic look on the wrist. Some of the most popular functions of a G-Shock watch include; a countdown timer, a world clock, alarms, an electro-luminescent back-light and impressive water resistance to name just a few. The collection spans from the more affordable to the higher end iterations, which come equipped with additional features like GPS, compass or radio-controlled adjustment (also recognized as Multi-Band). Throughout the 1990s the popularity of the Casio G-Shock watch grew and by the year 1998, the brand had developed over 200 variations including a version for female wrists named the Baby-G. Today there is a wide range of G-Shock watches on offer from the more affordable to those in a higher-priced bracket, each one however offering superior resistance to harsh outdoor elements, shock and vibrations.

Basic G-Shock watches

The most basic Casio G-Shock watches are the most affordable and will thus appeal to those looking for a durable everyday wristwatch for work, leisure and travel. Although not equipped with all the advanced features of some of the higher-priced G-Shock watches, basic models like the DW-5600, DW-6900, DW-9052, and the analogue-digital G-100 still tick all the boxes for a rugged, reliable tool for exploration and outdoor venture. Offering the same shock protection and water resistance as more expensive models on the market, these G-Shock watches are great value for money and measure a medium-size on the wrist compared to some of the larger models in the higher-end collection.

Solar G-Shock watches

Some of the world’s most popular solar-powered watches were mastered by the Japanese and these include the robust G-Shock watch range by Casio. The Tough Solar watch captures solar energy using solar panels on the face of the watch to keep the battery inside charged up. These models alleviate the inconvenience of having to regularly change the battery in a quartz-powered watch and instead promise a battery life of around 10 years or more. Wearing the watch daily and in normal conditions will charge the battery of a Tough Solar watch sufficiently. Solar power is a standard feature in many mid-priced to high-range G-Shock watches and will appeal to collectors who want to pay a little more for their watch and enjoy the benefits of a much longer battery life.

Big Case G-Shock watches

From 2010 onwards large-sized watches became increasingly popular. Women’s boyfriend watches were taken seriously and an overall preference for larger cases on the market resulted in brands like Casio creating more dynamic, masculine wristwatches. Big Case G-Shock watches create huge wrist presence and include popular models like the GA-200, GA-201, GA-100, GA-101 and the GA-400 to name just a few examples. Many limited-edition collaborations have used the Big Case as a foundation for their designs. The Master of G line is amongst many mid-range Big Case G-Shock watches.

G-STEEL and Gravitymaster Aviation Series

The higher-priced G-Shock watches include those like the G-STEEL and Gravitymaster watches. Tough Solar Power technology and Bluetooth mobile features are included in the G-STEEL line, enabling the watch to be synced with internet time servers. These models are characterized by their tough dual-layer bezel and a stainless steel body that looks somewhat dresser than the carbon resin models of the G-Shock catalogue. Despite having a more high-end spec, the G-Shock G-STEEL watch is still a more affordable option compared to luxury models equipped with GPS technology, for example. The G-Shock Gravitymaster Aviation series is home to designs inspired by aeroplane instrument panels and are ideal for collectors who want a more upscale G-Shock watch without exceeding a budget.

Master of G series Digital G-Shock

The G-Shock Master of G series is a popular and desirable line of models since each one comes equipped with a set of advanced features reflecting a higher price tag. Some of these features include Tough Solar charging and have Multi-Band 6 radio timekeeping. Popular watches belonging to this series include; the Mudman G-9300 (with a Twin Sensor, thermometer and digital compass), the Frogman GWF-1000 and GGF-D1000 (with water depth meter, an impressive water-resistant case, compass and thermometer) and the Rangeman GPR-B1000 model (with solar-power assisted GPS navigation and pre-loadable routes).

Master of G Series Analog G-Shock

As well as digital G-Shock watches, some fully analogue models also belong to the Master of G series too, including the Gulfmaster GWN-1000 (with tide graph and moon age data feature and a maritime-themed design), the Mudmaster GWG-1000 (with a triple sensor and strong sapphire crystal glass front to help the case withstand even tougher and thicker mud conditions) and the Gravitymaster GPW-1000 and GPW-2000 models (equipped with Triple G Resist technology resistant to shock, vibration and g-force, and GPS timekeeping respectively).

Today G-Shock watches from Casio are stronger than ever. The company, in pursuit of usability, even greater strength and improved resistance, are developing wristwatches for men and women that are tougher than they have ever been. The Triple G-Resist watch, for example, can withstand three types of Gravitational acceleration. Smart Access has also been installed into modern G-Shock watches, as well as improved solar power technology. Our range of G-Shock watches here at Watch Direct offers models that span from the more affordable to the higher-priced models. For more information on any of the models you see in our range, you can email a member of our knowledgeable team or call us on.