Best Ways To Store Your Luxury Watches

Storing your luxury watches doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive, difficult or inaccessible, meaning that the days of strewing (or stuffing) them in and across your bedside cabinets are nigh at an end.

In fact, there are a myriad of options available nowadays, depending on budget, or time available to create a storage setup from scratch. Conversely, if you’re one of those lucky folk who have amassed a collection worthy of museum fame (and paid the ticket price to boot), there are options for you, too, to ensure your watches stay well in your possession - and not in the hands of a thief or burglar.

With the right kind of know-how, and a little bit of creativity or upfront cost, you can store your luxury watches safely, stylishly and simply - a timely solution no matter how large or small your collection is.

Storage boxes

Storage boxes are first up on the Watch Direct list - because they’re available to purchase in abundance, and there are a variety to suit the kind of aesthetic you’re after. If a simple, compact cylinder case will do the trick, opt for a cylindrical watch storer that buttons or magnetically clasps closed.

These will usually come with three to four watch pouches inside for you to clip your watches around (mirroring the way you would have them on your wrist - the benefits of this are significant), and will slide neatly into a bedside cabinet, under the bed or in a pull-out drawer within a wardrobe dresser. They’re unassuming, easy to transport if you’re a frequent flyer, and great if you don’t have a lot of spare space. Best of all, they’ll keep your tickers free from dust and scratching.

Let’s say you want to turn it up a notch, though. You’ve got a collection you’re proud of, and you’re working with a decent square meterage in the home. If that’s the case, a glass box would allow you to show off those little beauties in style. These start at your basic six-grid display box (similar to the jewellery box of yesteryear), and go all the way up to your velvet-pouched, motorised-rotating, light-diffusing mammoth.

If you not only want to see your watches, but keep them wound, these can serve the double purpose of both display and maintenance. Prices will vary significantly, depending on which one you opt for, but if you’re a visual person who enjoys the sight of your hard-earned timepieces ticking away, this may be the holy grail of how to store your luxury watches. Most online marketplaces will have an array of options, or you can look on buy, swap, sell pages.



Home Safe

Individually, your watches mightn't have set you back more than a few hundred - or perhaps even a couple of thousand, but combined, there may be a significant chunk of value ticking away in your wardrobe. The kind that an uninvited guest snooping around might find very enticing, and willing to try their hand on the black market for.

If you’re worried about keeping them all at home, an at-home safe will keep out more than just the dirt, dust and grime. Many can be bought from a local DIY store, or even online, and will come with either a lock and key, or an electric passcode function. We recommend picking one that has a weight attached to the back, meaning that a pesky robber can’t up and carry it out with them to try and crack later.

For those that don’t have the pad space, safety deposit boxes at your local bank can be rented out for a nominal fee. Some will even insure your items as standard, and the added benefit of this is that you can store anything else of value in the same box). Having the full-force of bank vaulted security behind the manner you store your luxury watches should help you sleep at night.

For both of these options, be sure to store them safely inside, including keeping them upright, separating them (so the glass of each watch face doesn’t scratch against the other) and give them a gentle polish every now and again. Wearing them as often as possible, so the inside pendulum is given exercise, can keep them keeping time as they should.




On a budget, but a bit of a craftshead? DIY it! There are so many durable, sourceable materials to create a completely bespoke watch storage box, and there’s no limit to how extravagant, or feature-abounding you can be.

In particular, the team at Watch Direct love these DIY options posted up to Pinterest, and these should feature as an excellent source of inspiration. They start at piping and foam rollers, and go all the way to rolled up newspapers, IKEA wonders, cabinet handles, cigar box trunks and cool wall hooks.

Most of these can be set up with less than $20, and a few hours of your time. Plus hey, you might even discover a new business venture out of it…



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