Seiko 5 Sports watches

Looking for an affordable watch with purpose and a distinct style? Seiko 5 Sports watches have set benchmarks within the watchmaking industry. Not only do they communicate the youth of the 1960s but they have greatly contributed to wristwatch ideals determined by important businessmen, divers, sports enthusiasts and professional pilots.

The first Seiko 5 Sports watch was created back in 1963, distinguished by 5 significant characteristics. It had sufficient water resistance for sporting activities, a practical day-date window that made it popular for office work, a crown located in the unusual place of 4 o’clock on the case, an automatic movement that would promise uncompromised accuracy, and a robust bracelet for enabling it to be worn to all eventualities.

Developed with accessibility in mind, the Seiko 5 Sports design appealed to a worldwide audience. When you think of the innovative line, you don’t just recall retro aesthetics that harken back to the 60’s – you think of a design language that has remained timeless for over 50 years. A price-point that slots right into the value-for-money pocket, and a design that draws inspiration from Seiko’s past 5 decades of avant-garde craftsmanship. Just last year the Japanese company redesigned and re-imagined the collection, cleverly implementing distinct hallmarks of its past but with a fresh new look.


What are the key features of Seiko 5 Sports watches?

Each new model from the Seiko 5 Sports line-up celebrates the classic case shape of the original collection. The unidirectional rotating bezels make it easy for measuring elapsed time whilst underwater. While it’s debatable whether 100-meter water resistance would suffice for deep underwater exploration, there’s certainly a strong diving aesthetic that runs throughout many models from the range. Cleverly, the colour used on the bezels matches the dials, opening up the displays and creating the impression of a much larger surface to read the time from. Chunky arrow-tipped central minute hands unite a distinct diving aesthetic, as do the luminous plots around the hour track, represented in a mix of circles, batons and triangles.

Another key feature of the Seiko 5 Sports watch is its trustworthy engine. The impeccably crafted Calibre 4R36 does a fine job of keeping precise time whether you’re taking a morning run, attending an important meeting or travelling overseas for business.

Let’s take a deeper look into this mechanical heart…

The 4R36 movement which offers a manual winding option is completed with 24 jewels. Its construction is enhanced with Seiko’s exclusive Diashock technology, which, as its namesake suggests is protected against the shocks, knocks and bumps associated with a significant level of exploration. The engine beats to the rhythm of 21,600 vibrations and provides a useful 40-hour power reserve for those occasions where you may want to alternate it with another Seiko favourite. Additionally, the movement also comes with a hacking second hand which means that when you pull the crown out the second hands stops, enabling you to adjust the time more accurately. What makes the design of the Seiko 5 Sports watch so nice is that its movement is exposed through the back of the case, showcasing examples of fine craftsmanship, neat proportions and expert arrangement.

The day-date window is one of the features you’ll instantly notice about the Seiko 5 Sports watch. Set against a bright white background, designers have ensured it stands out against all coloured displays and enhances legibility for referencing at a split-second glance.

Combined with a robust 100-meter water-resistant steel case is a 42.5mm diameter. The size is just right for the average wrist. Although bold enough to create a significant presence, you won’t need to worry about your wrist getting lost under a hefty chunk of steel. These are compact designs that wear comfortably on the wrist 24/7.

Who do the Seiko 5 Sports watch collection appeal to?

If you’re considering investing in a Seiko 5 Sports watch but are wondering whether it’s suitable for your needs, a spot of research always goes a long way. The new members of the collection are divided into 5 sub-categories for helping to distinguish them apart. The sub-styles are Sports, Specialist, Street and Sense and Suit.

The Specialist models are reminiscent of an upscaled Prospex look. Leather stitching is applied to the silicone straps, boasting a play on colour that looks both sophisticated and refined for formal situations. The Seiko ref: SRPD76K1 showcases an elegant rose gold-coloured cases for elevating smart attire.

Sports designs like the Seiko ref: SRPD59 accompany the tagline “Go beyond the norm.” The blacked-out model is particularly dynamic and is completed on a nylon strap. Bracelets crafted from stainless steel are also available as are vibrant dial colours in orange, yellow and green to name just a couple of examples.

The Sense models from the Seiko 5 Sports watch collection come in nature-inspired colours with crease-like textured dials like the Seiko ref: SRPD77K1. An orange seconds hand pierces a woodland green coloured dial. These particular models from the line will appeal to you if you’re the outdoorsy type seeking a non-mundane design.

The Street watches are the most youthful and ergonomic-looking. Blacked-out cases with bold injections of colour help to create a statement on the wrist. Try the Seiko ref: SRPD83k1 on a stylish nylon strap and vibrant hour markers for a design that breaks the norm.

The Suit watches from the collection feature faux-patinated lume and communicate a more luxurious look. Some models come on retro-inspired mesh-style bracelets like the SRPD67, which turns the archetypal “dive watch” look into something more casual and dressy.

How much do Seiko 5 Sports watches cost?

For a watch that provides uncompromised accuracy and a style that will never tire of its handsome, sporty looks - watches from the Seiko 5 Sports collection are incredibly popular. Their prices range from $295 to just under $400 here at Watch Direct. You can check out all the spec details on each one of the models we’ve featured in this blog, plus heaps more by browsing the rest of the Seiko 5 Sports watch range here. (add link)