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Baume & Mercier Watches

Here at Watch Direct, we create a specialised shopping experience which you can't find anywhere else online - a collection of beautiful, quality pieces covering the world’s best brands at affordable prices accessible to anyone! Our commitment to providing you with access to some of the best watches on the planet means it's only natural that we'd include a wide range of Baume and Mercier watches. 

Baume and Mercier have been manufacturing luxury Swiss watches since 1830. With their masterful attention to detail, they've established themselves as highly-skilled maker of both men’s and women’s watches. The Baume and Mercier watches in our collection successfully manage to blend beautiful traditional lines with chic, modern styling. We're confident that you'll find the perfect watch for yourself or a loved somewhere in our coveted Baume and Mercier range. 

Explore our range of Baume and Mercier watches

Our collection of Baume and Mercier watches come in several styles from calfskin or dark alligator strap that exude elegant, classic vibes to watches made of polished steel for a modern, minimalist look. You also have the additional option of purchasing a timepiece which features either subtle Roman numerals or standard numbers and all options come in easy-to-pair colours, making them the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble.

There's some variety in the way these watches look, but they share a number of important qualities. They are all water-resistant, anti-glare and made with premium materials like sapphire and steel - not to mention a strong, triple folding buckle/clasp to ensure that your watch is fixed securely to your wrist. 

Why purchase a Baume and Mercier watch with Watch Direct?

There are several reasons why you should purchase a Baume and Mercier watch through Watch Direct. This includes their: 

  • Sophisticated style — Baume and Mercier watches essentially double as a very elegant piece of jewellery. With alligator straps, sapphire crystal cases and a beautiful polished finish, these Swiss-made watches are the epitome of luxury. At Watch Direct, our mission is to make watches of this calibre accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Guaranteed Authenticity — We go to great lengths to ensure that we only stock watches that are brand-new and 100% authentic. This means no fake crystals, cheap materials, malfunctioning pieces or anything else you’d associate with cheap/fake Baume and Mercier products. 

  • Affordability — Here at Watch Direct, we also strive to go the extra mile and ensure that we've never over-charging our customers for any watch, no matter the brand. 

  • Quality: We only stock watches that meet our incredibly high standards of quality. Baume and Mercier watches meet this criteria (and then some) with their style and durability. 

  • Warranty — The benefit of purchasing a watch through Watch Direct is that you get an additional one-year warranty on top of the manufacturer's warranty, regardless of the type of watch you order. We understand that buying a watch is a long-term investment and will do our part to help protect your investment and provide you with the peace of mind you need when investing in a Watch Direct timepiece.

Got any questions? Contact our team today!

With our affordable pricing, one-year warranty, no-questions-asked return policy (within 30 days) and free, same-day shipping within Australia, Watch Direct is your one-stop shop for Baume and Mercier watches.  

Our friendly customer service team is on standby, ready to help if you have any questions about our watches, shipping, the brands we carry or anything else that might be on your mind. Feel free to contact us directly by emailing, calling 1300 725 644, or filling out our handy online form. We look forward to hearing from you!