Corporate Gifts: Why Watches Are The Perfect Retirement Send Off

Oct 07, 2018

Corporate Gifts: Why Watches Are The Perfect Retirement Send Off

For all of the retirement presents you could possibly buy, none will send quite the same message as a watch. Of course, we might be slightly biased - but the truth is, we’ve organised enough corporate retirement gifts to know.

When it comes to recognising a key member, or even a few members of your team for their dedicated work, it’s important to pick something that they’ll not only love now - but will serve them well into the future. So if a corporate retirement gift watch is sitting near the top of your list, here’s our favourite reasons as to why it should be the clear number one.

Thank them for their time, with time

Timing is everything - giving the gift of time to thank them for their time in retirement gift giving.

There’s no better way to show your appreciation for a lifetime of service than with the gift of time. Because when they’ve dedicated a large portion of theirs into the pursuit of success, profit and acclaim for your company, isn’t a watch the best way to memorialise that? The symbolic weight behind the gesture in a watch won’t go unnoticed - there’s a reason it has been a corporate gift name-stay for so many years.

Something they can cherish

A watch is a fantastic way to give something that endures, standing the test of time, and reminding them of you.

Chocolates are great. Socks are nice. An experience is thoughtful. But all of them are perishable, either physically or in memory. A watch, however, is a gesture that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Every time they wind it up, strap it on, or polish it over - they’ll be reminded of all of the happy memories over the years in their role. And if they decide to pass it down to their children or grandchildren, it will serve as a reminder that hard work and tenacity are something to be eternally proud of.

Make it personal

Don’t worry that watches can’t be personalised, they’re some of the easiest corporate retirement gifts to personalise.

If your concern behind gifting a watch as a retirement gesture is that it’s not personalised enough - simply personalise it yourself. Watches are some of the easiest statement pieces to add a special touch to, given that you can make use of the blank space on the back of the watch face. Pick a few choice words, have it engraved with a specialist, and present it in a beautiful mahogany box they can keep forever, as a part of the overall sentiment.

You can buy in bulk for extra savings

Buying in bulk is not only a great way to save, but to keep your corporate retirement watch gifts in your arsenal for when you need them.

At Watch Direct, we have a range of bulk-buying watch options for you to keep up your sleeve, or to gift to a number of employees if they’re retirement stages have all come at once - and we can offer great, wholesale rates on them as a package deal. Our range covers the more affordable pieces, like Citizen and Bulova, up to the higher-end scale, including Raymond Weil, Tissot, Breitling, and many more. Get in touch with us to ask about how we can help with your corporate retirement watch gift needs.


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