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Watch Direct's Holiday Gift Guide

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This holiday season, don’t panic about the lengthy list of family and friends you need gifts for. Watch Direct offers a wide selection of men’s and women’s watches for every taste and style. Need a bit more help? Read on for our holiday gift guide!

Armani: For the Timeless Trendsetter

Designer watches are the timeless gift that never go out of style, and our Armani collection is no exception! Armani watches are known for fashionable designs that offer a trendy look while remaining classic in style. The classically modern look is perfect for the person in your life who appreciates fashion that won’t fade away. Leather or silver stainless steel bands offer a classic look while subtly intricate details on the face add a modern flair. These luxury watches come in both men’s and women’s designs with elegance that will stand the test of time.

Citizen: for The Traveler

Citizen watches are the perfect gift for the world traveler on your list. This luxury watch brand is focused on a multi-cultural awareness and is ever-changing from global influences. They pride themselves on continually evolving, just as the world around us does. When you do not know what to get the world traveler you need a gift for, shop Watch Direct’s full selection of men’s and women’s Citizen watches. The bold elements will remind them of their travels and, of course, of you. For that perfect multi-cultural flair in a stylish and lasting watch, shop our Citizen collection.

Skagen: for The Minimalist

When it comes to simplicity, the Danish watch company Skagen has minimalist style down to an art. When you need a gift for the modern minimalist in your life, shop our Skagen selection. Watch Direct carries a full range of men’s and women’s Skagen watches that offer a sense of minimalist calm in our cluttered chaotic world. This collection is for the loved one who prefers sleek lines and simple designs, and comes with the enduring quality expected of a luxury watch brand. Skagen watches may look simple, but the complex workmanship resides within a beautifully sleek casing, accented by a variety of stylish bands. For your favorite minimalist, shop Skagen watches with Watch Direct.

Tissot: for The Athlete

For precision timepieces, one automatically looks to the Swiss. Swiss watchmakers are known for enduring quality and reliability, and none more so than Tissot. If you’re searching for the perfect gift to give your favorite sports fanatic, Tissot carries a wide array of styles that range from simple everyday looks to more complex formal pieces. Sporting organizations across the world trust Tissot for the most precise timing, so you can trust that their watches will excite the sports fan on your holiday shopping list. Watch Direct has men’s and women’s Tissot watches to appeal to the tastes of any sports fan. Shop our collection today!

Timex: for The Child At Heart

Timex is the lively American brand known for their bright and beautiful watches. If you need gifts for children or family-oriented adults, Timex is the perfect brand. Their watches come from a history of innovation and fun - they are the original creators of the Mickey Mouse watch! Today, Timex crafts a variety of brightly colored, exuberant watches for everyone from young children to adults. Their children’s watches are made to endure and designed to grow, so they make the perfect gift that won’t need to be tossed out as the child grows. Shop Timex through Watch Direct to add some fun to your holiday shopping list!

Have questions or need more gift help? Contact Watch Direct for more information. Shop today to tick off every name on your list!

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